• Can I use the application without NFC stickers?

Yes. You can tap the medicines with the phone or select them in the lists. We suggest you to use stickers because the idea is to help you to take your medication by interacting with real medicines and having some fun. We want you to hold the right medicine in one hand and the phone in the other. From there ... if you take the medication or not depends on you.

  • Where can I get the application ?

You can download it here from Google Play.

  • What languages are supported by the application?.

Currently English,Spanish,French,German,Italian,Portuguese,Japanese,Russian,Hindi and Arabic are the supported languages. Some of them have been professionally translated thanks to your clicks in the ads.
  • Why should I click on the advertisement?.

When you click on the advertisement, it will disappear for 60 days.

The incomes from the clicks will help us to improve the application and keep it free.

  • I have already recorded a medicine. How do I recover the information?.

Just approach the phone to the sticker. The application will be launched automatically, speaking aloud the information for the treatment. For smartphones without NFC capabilities, use the "Play" option and select the medicine.

  • How can I change the dose times,duration of the message,volume,etc?.

You can do it in the preferences screen.
  • What can I record in my message?

You can record what you want. For alarms, a short and encouraging message from your relative usually works very well. A message with detailed instructions for the treatment works also well.
  • How does the application prevents me to mistake the medication?

The app will warn you if you tap the wrong medicine or at wrong time.
  • How can I delete / finish / reschedule or view a treatment?

First, select Medication History in the menu,then click on the treatment you want to erase and select the appropiate option.
  • What means the green/yellow/red colors in the main screen?

Green color means you are in time to take the medicine, yellow color means you are up to 30 minutes late, red color means you are more than 30 minutes late to take your dose.
  • The mobile is speaking too fast/slow.

You can configure the speed in Android settings screen.( In Text-to-speech output section ).
  • Does the application work on not NFC devices ?

Yes it does. Just select the medicine in the list ... and don't expect anything happen when you tap the medicine .

  • What android versions are supported?

At least you need Android 4.0 ( Ice Cream Sandwich ) and later.