• What are NFC stickers / NFC tags ?

NFC is a set of standards to establish radio communications between an NFC device to an unpowered NFC chip called a 'tag' or to another NFC device.

  • How can I purchase the stickers ?

We do not sell the stickers.You can easily buy them in Internet. Just search "purchase NFC stickers" in your favourite search engine. Typically one sticker cost about 1$.

  • What stickers the application works with?

It works with any NFC sticker. The application has been tested ,among others, for Mifare Ultralight 64 bytes,NTAG203 68 bytes and Mifare standard 1K with different sizes, shapes and for normal and anti-metal versions.

  • Can I re-use the tags? How many times?

You can re-use your tags  as much as you want. Just stick the tag on other medicine and record the new information.But be careful when you handle your tags because there are some electronic parts in them that you could damage.
  • Can I stick the tags on metal?

Normal labels placed on metal probably will interfere with it. You need special stickers usually called anti-metal or on-metal stickers.

  • Do I need a printed NFC sticker?

No, you don,t. They are usually more expensive that blank stickers and works exactly in the same way,